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About me

Most of my photographs are taken near my home in Fearrington Village, North Carolina. My goal is to document the birds that call Fearrington Village home, capturing their natural beauty as they go about their lives searching for food, singing in joy, quarreling with others, or calling to their friends and neighbors.  The birds residing in the Village are common to the area — sparrows, finches, cardinals, warblers, woodpeckers, crows and the occasional hawk, while the ponds attract herons hunting for fish and frogs. Birds have always fascinated me and this work has brought me closer to, and deepened my respect for, these marvelous creatures.

Motorcycling is another affection of mine that attracts my camera. First drawn to motorcycles while in grade school, I've been fortunate to enjoy riding for much of my life. My motorcycle photos are typically from my travels or the annual Bull City Rumble vintage motorcycle rally in Durham, North Carolina.

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