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About me

My photography focuses primarily on the natural world, especially the birds, insects, and natural beauty near my home in Fearrington Village, North Carolina.

Over the past four years I’ve documented the lives of the birds that make their homes here,  photographing them as they go about their lives searching for food, singing in joy, quarreling with others, or calling to their friends and neighbors. These are common, everyday birds—sparrows, finches, cardinals, warblers, woodpeckers, crows, ducks, hawks, and herons—yet uncommonly beautiful. Birds have always fascinated me and this work has brought me closer to, and deepened my respect for, these incredible creatures.

Lately I’m exploring how sunlight interacts with the water surfaces in ponds and streams. Venturing out at different times of day with a telephoto lens, I focus on the water surface, instead of the reflection, while varying the angle, both horizontally and vertically, between my camera, the water surface, and the sun. This technique creates intriguing, natural abstracts as well as interesting close-up images of the water’s surface. 

People, places, and events also attract the attention of my camera. From marathons to motorcycles rallies, there’s always something interesting to focus on, or a moment in time worth capturing.

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